what we offer

We provide personalized technical support.

We provide technical support on everything from system set-up, method specific advice, to walking you thru your first stack testing. We have decades of experience with the equipment and proceedures.

Our technical consultations draw of decades of experience in this industry. We have first hand knowledge of the equipment, standards, and methods.

We also keep you up to date on industry developments, equipment testing and calibration dates, and other developments with laws and EPA methods.

Mobile emissions lab

what we offer

We provide custom equipment fabrication.

We pioneer the development and fabrication of new sampling systems based on the needs of our clients. If you have a need to engineer a solution to an unanswered problem, give us a call.

Millennium Instruments continues to create solutions for our ever evolving industry by fabricating innovative parts, systems, and supplies.

Our custom fabrication pant can manufacture anything you can dream up. Whether its a certain unmade part, or completely new system, we can help today!

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