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passionate about quality Sampling supplies

Millennium Instruments has been an industry leader in the sales, servicing, and manufacture of Sampling Equipment and supplies.

Our commitment to preserving the Earths atmosphere for future generations is evident in the design of all the equipment we manufacture.

Our Products are sold and utilized around the Globe. We maintain outstanding relationships with all our clients and have great customer service.

Millennium Instruments is your one stop shop for source sampling equipment and supplies.
We specialize in the sales, and servicing of all types of equipment used for the measurement of gaseous pollutants, mercury, or other particulate.


Millennium Instruments offer on-going support for all our products including tech support, repair, calibration, supplies, and even custom fabrication. We have personalized technicians ready to answer your questions and help on Method specific equipment choices.


Millennium Instruments can help design and fabricate custom parts and complete systems for the ever changing demands related to the evolution of our industry.
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who we are

passionate about quality supplies

Millennium Instruments supplies sampling and measurement equipment, supplies, and services to customers all across America, and Internationally. Our customers include government agencies, and other end users.

Our products are engineered using only the best materials, meticulously tested to ensure compliance with EPA standards.

We strive to bring all of our customers outstanding products, services, and support no matter where they are located geographically. How can Millennium Instruments help you?

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